Our drivers. Our Equipment. Our standards.

Three important reasons why transportation services are better with AW2.

With almost 70 years of experience, AW2’s specialized transportation team are experts in solution development and execution for all your high value medical equipment, office furnishings/equipment, exhibits, displays and trade shows, fitness equipment, fine art, and other products requiring customized and integrated solutions.
Our “can do” attitude and commitment to surpassing customer expectation is demonstrated through each of our service groups for each opportunity we are asked to complete.

AW2’s team is adept at delivering transportation services as a seamless extension of our clients’ supply chain needs.   We will integrate our capabilities and technology with those of our client’s to drive effective processes and achieve the results each partner is expecting.

Tracking technology [Turnpike] allows our team the ability to inform in real-time the exact location of your product anytime day or night.  Additionally, our team monitors potential service issues which may cause delays to on time pickup and delivery.  Most importantly keeps our drivers, roadways and customer product safer through strict adherence to hours of service and DOT guidelines.

Our team’s ability to identify opportunity, design solutions, implement change and maintain quality deliverables clearly defines our organization.  We are a true partner in your supply chain.

Our Drivers

AW2’s drivers are the public face of our company and that’s why we work so diligently to hire bright, hardworking individuals with a proven track record of putting customer satisfaction at the top of their to-do list.

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Our Equipment

AW2’s equipment maintenance and replacement schedules mean that our vehicles are ready to handle every assignment.

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Our Standards

AW2 is committed to delivering customer-first transportation services.

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