AW2’s drivers are the public face of our company and that’s why we work so diligently to hire bright, hardworking individuals with a proven track record of putting customer satisfaction at the top priority.

Hire AW2 to handle your next delivery job and get:

True “white glove service”: Our drivers have the skill, training and experience to load/unload, transport and set up a wide variety of items. Rely on them to leave both your shipment and your place of business in pristine condition. Inside delivery capabilities to a variety of locations including hospitals, clinics, office buildings, trade shows, etc.

The same driver from project start to finish: AW2 drivers take a personal interest in your project and the same driver will load, transport and unload your shipment. This type of commitment reduces claims exposures and helps to ensure that your shipment arrives safely.

Ongoing training: AW2 believes in the power of training. All AW2 drivers receive in-depth training both at the time of hire and throughout their careers and meet or exceed all DOT training requirements.

Exceptional CSA 2010 results: The Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program tracks the safety record of AW2 and our drivers. Please ask your AW2 contact for a CSA summary.

Customer-first attitude: AW2 drivers complete each job right. We’re committed to safety and customer satisfaction and our drivers are trained to find opportunities to delight you.