Renewable Resources

AW2 operates a de-manufacturing warehouse for the purpose of disassembly and harvesting healthcare parts.

Continuous Improvement

Increased environmental awareness in our core business practices is important to AW2. Where possible, we seek to integrate sustainability practices into our operations, such as:

  • Review packaging options to reduce waste
  • Examine shipping routes and driving practices for fuel conservation opportunities
  • Incorporate eco-friendly materials for packaging and business use
  • Leverage data and technology to reduce redundant activity and associated waste
  • Implement recycling programs into our operations

Reverse logistics

  • Rely on AW2 to handle every aspect of your return process including:
  • Testing and sorting
  • Corrective actions—analysis, parts replacement and repair/refurbishment
  • Shipping
  • Parts management
  • Disassemble/teardown
  • Recycling and disposal
  • Remove parts which can be used as replacement parts for equipment
  • Sort through material product of value for either resale or recycling
  • Teardown parts and separate by precious metals