Reusable packaging can cut landfill waste and save on packaging costs. Let the AW2 team develop durable, reusable systems that meet your unique packaging challenges at an affordable cost.


Lean solutions save time, increase inventory accuracy and speed movement along your supply chain. The AW2 team has extensive experience developing a variety of lean solutions including:

Shipment configuration: If your company has items that are shipped on a repeat basis, you’ll benefit from lean configurations that make it easy to find and track specific shipment items.

Facility layout: Our warehouses designs are continuously refined to ensure the best use of space and the most efficient employee access.

Lean carts: Especially popular with equipment installations, these carts minimize tool/hardware search time and user motion. Learn how an AW2 client cut installation time by 50% with our lean cart solution.

Custom Crating

Our engineers crate solutions customized for the item being shipped. We draw from many resources including digital prototyping with industry leading software and 70 years of experience in crating everything from fine antiques to highly sensitive medical devices to power grid equipment.

We take into account not only the different load capacities of all kinds of styles of boxes and crates but we also account for shock and vibration sensitivity for any product. Our specialists develop the proper cushioning materials based on the unique characteristics of each item.

AW2 Logistics understands that some items are too large, too heavy or require more protections than corrugated (“cardboard”) packaging can provide.

For these items, we provide customized crates, designed and built on the exact item weight, dimensions, value and other unique characteristics that are required. Many factors are taken into consideration including dimensions, weight, fragility, mode of transport and final destination requirements.

Reusable & Lean Solutions

Our Crating and Packaging team tackles each challenge focused on "green" solutions and how we can create a product that is resuable and easy on our enovionment.


Our specialized packaging team custom fits all products in our crates to ensure a secure and tight fit for shipping.