International transport hassles can wreak havoc with your shipment plans.

Get safe, predictable arrivals with AW2.

The AW2 team has years of experience with export shipping. Rely on us to develop a customized solution that factors in:

Shipment method: Is your product going by ship or plane? How will it travel once it arrives at its destination country? What temperature ranges will the product be exposed to? And is it critical to prevent environmental damage—e.g., humidity?

Cost constraints: All shipping solutions will be made with your budget in mind.

Regulations: AW2 has extensive international shipping experience. We know the key regulations that must be met at the world’s most popular destinations and will research those of more uncommon locales.

Ocean Ship Crates

  • All wood or wood composite construction.
  • Product(s) secured to base.
  • All necessary donnage provided.
  • Anti-corrosion materials available.

All AW2 packages meet the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) standards for heat-treating compliance.

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