CAD Design Services

AW2 Logistics’ experienced packing and crating designers have the capability to produce and utilize professional Computer-Aided-Designs using the latest 3D modeling and digital prototyping software, Solidworks™.

Custom Crating

Because we use industry leading 3D design and prototyping software, we don’t just create a three-dimensional drawing of the create beforehand. We utilize “digital prototyping” to create models of our crates that are fully computerized models of the real world item. Our engineers will know how the crate will behave in stress situations before it is built.

Should your company utilize Solidworks™ as well, you can send us a shell drawing of your item and we can build the crate for it without ever having to take measurements. Our customers in the medical field have used our ability to seamlessly interface with them in this manner to create custom crates for high dollar medical equipment.

What can this service offer for you?

Viewing software is available that allows customers to “mark-up” and comment on drawings while viewing in an interactive, 3D format.

Customers can provide drawing files, which can be utilized to create prototypes without having to take physical measurements.

Projects, and especially prototypes, can be viewed and presented in a finished format before anything gets built saving time and labor.

Bill of material incorporation is extensive and integrated with drawings. 

Custom-designed packaging is the best way to ensure the safety of your shipment, and 3D modeling software lets the AW2 experts explore a variety of options quickly and affordably.

Can you share electronic product files? SolidWorks integrates with a number of software platforms—including Autocad, Pro/Engineer, CATIA, Unigraphics, etc. in various formats including IGES, STEP, DXF and IPT.Send us your product files and you’ll save valuable packaging design time.

Prefer to have us work off drawings or a physical product? The AW2 team has years of experience creating packaging and is happy to accommodate your preferences.

Want a packaging prototype? Need to see a mock-up of the actual package for high-risk products? Our team can make a sample package for your review.