Healthcare Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy

March 8, 2020 | Posted in Company News & Updates

Healthcare distribution is the vital link in the healthcare system, helping Hospitals, Clinics, Dental Facilities and other healthcare providers keep their shelves efficiently stocked with medical equipment , supplies and any other products that patients need on a daily basis. Manufacturers and distributors also bring safety and reliability to the supply chain, so an efficient, one-stop supply chain strategy is imperative to both patient care and business growth.

AW2 has been the recipient of GE Healthcare’s Logistics Supplier of the Year and for over 30 years has been working in the healthcare industry. AW2 is a division of Ace Worldwide Group of Companies, with company-owned facilities in 9 strategic domestic markets and access to 400 + additional distribution/last mile points both globally and across the U.S. Our largest distribution facility is located in the Midwest, with direct access to Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Green Bay one of the key healthcare markets in the nation.

The manufacture and distribution of medical equipment, devices and supplies is becoming increasingly complex due to changing markets, regulatory requirements, and lengthening product life cycles. Whether it’s a new acquisition or product line, a shift in customer demand or supplier sourcing, or a need for consolidation or fulfillment, your distribution network is an evolving entity that can support or hinder business growth.

AW2 Logistics provides the expertise and capacity you need to improve service to your client with our state of art facility, final mile and white glove programs. For more information about AW2’s Healthcare Manufacturers and Distributors Service please contact Kim McCloud, Director of Business Development – Healthcare & Warehouse Solutions, at 414.870.2727 or email

Key AW2 Capabilities

• GE Healthcare Logistics Supplier of the Year
• Class A , ISO 9001 certified facility
• FDA Registered site
• CTPAT Certified
• Approved/Registered Final Mile Delivery agent for GE Healthcare,
skill and ability to arrange outbound delivery transportation.
• 24/7 secured facility and strategic geographic location.
• Approved Packaging & Crating vendor for GE Healthcare
• Required space is currently available