AW2 has spent nearly 70 years improving the supply chain process. Isn’t it time you experienced the benefits?

Since we first opened our doors in 1946, the AW2 team has worked diligently to understand and improve every step of the supply chain process. The key elements of our success: a commitment to continuous improvement, a desire to learn and a willingness to listen. Discover the benefits of a partnership with AW2 for yourself. Contact us today.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a customer relocation or logistics experience that is positively remarkable in all the ways important to our client.

We achieve this goal by pairing the very best operations teams with exceptional support services that are second to none in the industry. The result is consistent execution of service.

Core Values

Accountability- Full scale corporate and personal accountability for the services we provide and the commitments we make. Further, we are all accountable to the practice of safety in the business environment.

Integrity- Our reputation is built and upheld upon doing the ‘right thing’, all the time, even when no one is watching.

Innovation- To achieve success in a service business, we foster practical solutions and quality improvements toward increased customer satisfaction and customer value recognition. Every team member is empowered to introduce new business perspectives toward more valuable methods, and the company will strive to leverage technology to maintain a competitive advantage. Smart Growth- As we consistently uncover solutions and opportunities for our customers and prospects, we will derive chances to increase the scale and diversification of our businesses, all toward a sustainable company growth trajectory.

Environment- Team members will be offered a challenging and rewarding environment where they are allowed to grow and develop as individuals to reach their goals. This environment recognizes most personal achievements as team triumphs. The result of this environment will be a satisfied workforce and company status as a preferred employer in the marketplace.

Cultural Anticipation

Ace team members, although individualistic, are bound together by a set of cultural anticipations that are meant to be actively practiced.

Consultative Approach to Customer Interaction- Where understanding, honesty and results are hallmarks of the experience.

“A-Class” Leadership- We expect high impact business and social contributions from our employees, especially those in the position of directly leading or influencing others. Constant coaching and mentorship are keystones of this leadership.

Data Driven Risk Taking- Undertaking intelligent risks is the lifeblood of growth and innovation at Ace. We will learn much from our successes, and even more from our mistakes.

Creative Conflict Practiced Here- No team member is free from the ‘obligation to dissent’. Asking for or giving feedback is a strength because it fosters collaboration while conceding the lack of perfection inherent in all of us.

Historical Timeline


In Rochester, MN, entrepreneur John U. Steiner started Ace World Wide Group with a 1946 Ford truck and a dream.


Ace World Wide Group completed their first interstate household move, grossing $150.00.


Milwaukee, WI office opens.


To meet growing demand, a warehouse and operational headquarters were built in Milwaukee.


Ace expands into commercial product transportation.


Additional Logistics services added to offering.


Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Los Angeles offices open


Chicago, Orlando, and Austin offices open.


Bloomington office opens.


Las Vegas office opens.