Class A Warehousing

Class A Warehousing Layout Design

  • Professional, customized warehouse layout designs optimize inventory management tasks, floor space and labor use
  • Can be designed to accommodate stored items of all sizes and your special handling needs

Class A Warehouse Space:

  • Exceeds safety and sanitation standards
  • Class A Food Grade Warehouse facilities
  • Product hold/traceability—Our leading edge inventory management system lets us trace and stop shipments at any point in the supply chain.
  • Safe, secure and cost-effective
  • Continued education programs and technology prove AW2’s commitment to food supply safety

Class A Warehouse Racking

  • Saves money and reduces the size of your warehouse footprint
  • Bar-code sorted and tagged for easier inventory management of FIFO and improved accuracy
  • Cuts order picking time and reduces handling costs

Learn about the benchmarks associated with a Class A Warehouse.

Secure storage, efficient distribution, and the ability to track your inventory every step of the way.

3PL Value Added Services

Stay focused on what matters and don’t waste time and money handing unnecessary details with your own resources.

Hire AW2 for value-added services and get:

Process efficiencies—we’ll review your processes and find ways to deliver them more smoothly and cost-effectively.

Job-only labor costs—pay for the labor you need, when you need it, on an hourly or transaction basis.

Improved product quality—reduce the number of touchpoints in your supply chain and increase the quality of your final product.

Unloading/Devanning–AW2 will unload floor-loaded containers and build pallets to your specifications.

Pick pack/case pick–Our latest in bar code scanning and radio frequency capabilities speed pick time and accuracy with real-time data feedback.

Kitting and light assembly–Rely on our skilled team to efficiently turn bulk shipments into customer-ready products.

Inspection and repack

AW2 can handle all related activities including:

  • Inspection and remediation
  • Inventory control
  • Breaking down bulk orders into smaller pallets/containers


  • Retail labeling for consumer items
  • Inventory tracking labeling to improve supply chain management

AW2 was named GE Healthcare Logistics Supplier of the Year